Buis claims victory in Red-Flagged WorldSSP300 Race 1

Saturday, 25 September 2021 11:32 GMT

The race was Red Flagged on Lap 11 with Jeffrey Buis claiming victory in Jerez as he denied teammate Adrian Huertas the title in Race 1

Race 1 for the FIM Supersport was a dramatic affair with the title on the line but it was Jeffrey Buis (MTM Kawasaki) claiming victory at the Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto for the Motul Spanish Round, ensuring the title battle would go on until at least Race 2 tomorrow with teammate Adrian finishing in seventh place in the Red-Flagged race, with the race stopped on Lap 11.


As the 13-lap encounter got underway, Championship leader Adrian Huertas (MTM Kawasaki) kept the lead as he looked to wrap up the Championship in Race 1 with the Spanish rider facing pressure from his rivals throughout the race in a typically frantic WorldSSP300 race.

As the race progressed, Jeffrey Buis (MTM Kawasaki) battled his way up tp the lead group after starting from 12th place, claiming the victory by 0.113s ahead of Inigo Iglesias (SMW Racing) who claimed his first WorldSSP300 with second place, ahead of Bahattin Sofuoglu (Biblion Yamaha Motoxracing) in third; the first time he has taken three consecutive podiums in his WorldSSP300.



Brazilian rider Meikon Kawakami (AD78 Team Brasil by MS Racing) claimed fourth place in the shortened race, with Alvaro Diaz Cebrian (Acro-Motor University Team) in fifth place after another impressive race for the Spanish rider. Huertas was seventh which meant he did not win the title on Saturday, with teammate Yuta Okaya (MTM Kawasaki) just a tenth behind in eighth place.


Marc Garcia (Prodina Team WorldSSP300) was in ninth place as he held off the challenge from Oliver König (Movisio by MIE) as the Czech rider completed the top ten, with Victor Steeman (Freudenberg KTM WorldSSP Team) in 11th place. The returning Bruno Ieraci (Prodina Team WorldSSP300) scored points on his return to the Championship with Alessandro Zanca (Kawasaki GP Project) in 13th place. Dutch rider Koen Meuffels (MTM Kawasaki) was in 14th with Victor Rodriguez Nuñez (Machado CAME SBK) rounding out the points.


Mirko Gennai (Team BRcorse) finished in 16th place, Alex Millan Gomez (2R Racing) missed out on points by less than a second as he finished in 17th place with South African rider Dorren Louriero (Fusport – RT Motorsports by SKM – Kawasaki) in 18th. Uraguyan rider Facundo Llambias (Machado CAME SBK) was classified in 19th place with Ana Carrasco (Kawasaki Provec WorldSSP300) and Johan Gimbert (OUTDO TPR Team Pedercini Racing) rounding out the top 21.


Ton Kawakami (AD78 Team Brasil by MS Racing) was the first retirement from the race when he crashed at Turn 6, before a collision between Kevin Sabatucci (Kawasaki GP Project) and Jose Luis Perez Gonzalez (Accolade Smrz Racing) at Turn 9, with the incident to be investigated after the race by the FIM WorldSBK Stewards. Sabatucci did re-join the race but brought his bike back to the pits following the incident.

Gabriele Mastroluca (ProGP Racing) had a spectacular highside during the race which forced the Italian out of the race, while Ruben Bijman (Machado CAME SBK) was another retirement after a Turn 1 crash. Although he could re-join, he suffered a technical issue later on which put him out of the race. Yeray Ruiz (Yamaha MS Racing) crashed at Turn 9 on lap 9 but was able to re-join the race.

The race was Red Flagged after a crash at Turn 2 at the start of Lap 11 involving Dean Berta Viñales (Viñales Racing Team), Harry Khouri (Fusport – RT Motorsports by SKM – Kawasaki), Daniel Mogeda (Team#109 Kawasaki) and Alejandro Carrion (Kawasaki GP Project).

UPDATE: following great efforts by medical staff at Circuito de Jerez - Angel Nieto, Dean Berta Viñales sadly succumbed to injuries.

The top six following WorldSSP300 Race 1, full results here:

1. Jeffrey Buis (MTM Kawasaki)

2. Inigo Iglesias (SMW Racing) 0.113s

3. Bahattin Sofuoglu (Biblion Yamaha Motoxracing) +0.346s

4. Meikon Kawakami (AD78 Team Brasil by MS Racing) +0.503s

5. Alvaro Diaz Cebrian (Arco-Motor University Team) +0.637s

6. Samuel Di Sora (Leader Team Flembbo) +0.699s
Fastest Lap: Alessandro Zanca (Kawasaki) 1’52.912

1. Adrian Huertas (MTM Kawasaki) 210

2. Jeffrey Buis (MTM Kawasaki) 161

3. Tom Booth-Amos (Fusport – RT Motorsports by SKM – Kawasaki) 158

4. Samuel Di Sora (Leader Team Flembbo) 123

5. Yuta Okaya (MTM Kawasaki) 95

6. Bahattin Sofuoglu (Biblion Yamaha Motoxracing) 93

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