WorldWCR Race 1 postponed until this afternoon, pit lane to open at 16:00

Saturday, 15 June 2024 10:50 GMT

After an incident in Race 1, the race had been postponed until this afternoon with the pit lane scheduled to open at 16:00 Local Time (UTC+2).

Race 1 for the FIM Women’s Circuit Racing World Championship has been postponed until 16:00 this afternoon. The race was red flagged due to an incident at Turn 16 involving #29 Mia Rusthen (Rusthen Racing). The race had been postponed until Saturday afternoon, with the pit lane scheduled to open at 16:00 for Race 1, for a five-lap race. Rusthen has suffered a polytrauma and is being transferred to the Bufalini Trauma Centre (Cesena) for further assessment and treatment.

WorldWCR rider #29 Mia Rusthen has suffered a head concussion and is currently receiving treatment at the Bufalini Trauma Centre in Cesena. The patient's condition has been stabilised.