A NEW ERA BEGINS: big rule changes come in for WorldSBK in 2024

Tuesday, 13 February 2024 08:46 GMT

Technical regulation changes including weight rules, fuel capacity and more herald a new era of WorldSBK action

The 2024 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship is getting closer, but big rule changes for the upcoming year have already been announced. From riders needing to add ballast depending on their difference to the reference weight, fuel changes including the fuel needing to have more sustainable origins and differences to the concession system, there’s a lot to be excited for this season.

BALLAST TO BE ADDED: lighter riders to add weight

One of the bigger changes for 2024 is the introduction of new weight regulations, with riders needing to add ballast to their bikes depending on how much lighter than the reference weight they are. The reference weight has been set at 80kg, and riders under this will need to add 0.5kg for every 1kg lighter they are. For example, a rider who weights 70kg in their leathers and with all the protective equipment would need to add 5kg to their bike. A maximum 10kg ballast can be added.

REDUCTION IN CAPACITY: less fuel available for races…

There have also been some changes to fuel regulations. The fuel tank capacity has been reduced to 21 litres, while some tests are ongoing to evaluate fuel flow for 2025. Not only has the fuel tank been reduced, but from this season, 40% of the fuel used must come from non-fossil origin to increase sustainability within the paddock.

AMENDED CONCESSION PROCESS: every two rounds and Superpole Race now scores concession points

As part of the overall package of changes, there have been amendments to how superconcessions work. The concession checkpoint will now be every two rounds, as opposed to three, while manufacturers can now get concession points in the Tissot Superpole Race (previously, it was just Race 1 and Race 2) with ‘half points’ awarded. All manufacturers start on 0 points, and the difference to the highest impacts the concessions. At a checkpoint, any manufacturer with 33 or more points less than the highest will be evaluated.

RPM CHANGES: no in-season reductions unless a concession part is used

There’s also been a change with RPM limits. Manufacturers will start 2024 how they ended 2023 – except Ducati, who have their original 2023 limit back – and there is no reduction possible except in one case. Superconcessions are the only way RPM limits in 2024 can be reduced too, if manufacturers have gained the RPM due to a concession. Also, the superconcession parts now extends to engine components. Click here for full details about RPM limits in 2024.


The penalty for exceeding the engine allocation rules has been changed for 2024. A rider now breaking this rule will start from the back of the grid and will also receive two Long Lap Penalties for the infringement. Previously, the punishment was a pit lane start with the rider leaving the pit lane once the green light was on after every rider had passed pit exit.

CHANGES ELSEWHERE: new way of setting WorldSSP, WorldSSP300 and WorldWCR Race 2 grids

The way the grid for Race 2 for WorldSSP, WorldSSP300 and WorldWCR will now be based on the fastest laps set in Race 1. The Tissot Superpole session on a Friday will set the grid for Race 1 as usual, and then the changes come into effect. The riders who set the fastest laps in the opening battle will set the grid for Race 2 for the top nine positions, with the rest of the grid based on the Superpole results.

EXPLAINING THE CHANGES: Lavilla discusses the new rules

Discussing the changes, WorldSBK Executive Director Gregorio Lavilla said: “There are quite a lot of changes for 2024, trying to keep the balance and the opportunity for all manufacturers. Weight introduction, RPM adjustments, fuel tank capacity reduction, super concession updates but not only on the chassis side like it was until 2023 but also on engine side. What has been decided is to add the ballast to the machinery from a weight reference of 80kg with all their gear included, which means helmet, leather and boots at the multiple of 0.5. That means that if a rider weighs 70kg, at 0.5 from 10kg of difference, it means they’ll need to add 5kg. The RPM means it is established from the homologation, but no cut downs can be applied unless the manufacturer is using extra RPM due to a concession. For me, it’s a great show; it’s the best. We have good riders, teams and people behind the scenes making it happen, so I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved. There are fundaments to switch on the TV and enjoy it.”

See the full rule book with all the technical changes HERE.

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