TYRE TALK: Pirelli reveals development rear solutions for Australia, no SCQ or SCX tyre available

Thursday, 17 November 2022 04:25 GMT

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli have brought dedicated development solutions to Phillip Island for the 2022 season finale

As the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship makes the small hop from Indonesia to Australia for the Grand Ridge Brewery Australian Round at the iconic Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Pirelli have announced their solutions for the season finale. Two new medium compounds are the choices for the rear tyres while riders will not be able to utilise either the SCQ or SCX tyre during the round as Pirelli have opted not to bring it.

Riders can choose from three rear tyres throughout the weekend, with one standard and two development solutions. The standard is the SC0 solution and will be the softest tyre available in Australia, however its use is limited to the Tissot Superpole and Tissot Superpole Race sessions. For the longer Race 1 and Race 2, two development SC1 solutions are available. The A1126 has a more robust structure in comparison to the standard SC1 and is designed for higher temperatures, while the B0152 has the same compound as the A1126 but has a further evolution for the structure. Neither the SCX tyre nor the SCQ tyre are available in Australia.

For the front tyres, there will be three options available and all are from the soft compound range. The standard SC1 is available and is joined by two development solutions, the A0674 and A0843. Both development solutions have been used for the front tyre before, with the A0843 tyre making its debut at Assen and being used at several circuits throughout the year. The A0674 has been a frequent race winner throughout 2022 with riders and teams knowing both development solutions.

In WorldSSP, there are two rear development solutions available to riders as well. Both are SC1 compounds, but riders and teams will be able to pick from the A1128, which has the same compound as the standard SC1 but a more robust structure, and the B0625 which is also the same compound as the standard SC1 but a different structure when compared to the A1128. For the front tyre, riders can choose from two standard solutions: the SC1 or the SC2.

Giorgio Barbier, Motorcycle Racing Director at Pirelli, said: “The last WorldSBK round of the year also represents the biggest challenge for us. In fact, the Phillip Island track is recognised, not only by us but by all tyre companies, as one of the most aggressive and difficult for tyres, due to its particular old-style layout which makes it one of a kind. It is one of the very few motorcycle circuits that has not undergone any changes in all these years; it has remained the same for over half a century and this contributes to its great charm. Due to its uniqueness, it is not a track that can be tackled with standard solutions, especially at the rear which is the most stressed axle. Development tyres must be used, designed almost ad hoc for this track. In both World Superbike and World Supersport there will be two new rear solutions in medium compound with structures sturdier than the standard ones. Usually this is the opening round of the season and we race there in February. We've never been there in November, so temperatures and weather could add another variable to an already very tricky track.”

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