Start your engines… WorldSSP engine usage so far in 2019!

Thursday, 25 July 2019 08:02 GMT

With five engines allocated at the start of the 2019 season, who has what remaining in the World Supersport class?

With four rounds of the WorldSSP season remaining in 2019, the all-important engine usage will start to come into play for the rest of the season, with some teams comfortably within their five engine limits, whilst others are pushing the boundaries. Who has what remaining ahead of the final four encounters of the year?

At the head of the championship, Randy Krummenacher (BARDAHL Evan Bros. WorldSSP Team) has two engines in use, whilst two have been unsealed, meaning they will not be in use again this season. The four engines in eight races that have been used leave just one for the final four rounds. Teammate Federico Caricasulo has used only three engines so far in 2019, with one still in use and the other two unsealed. Will the fact that Caricasulo has one more engines left to use go in his favour at the remaining circuits, all of which feature long straights?

Jules Cluzel (GMT94 YAMAHA) currently has three engines in use whilst only one has been unsealed. With four engines having been utilised though, he only has one left to use in the last four races. Cluzel’s teammate, Corentin Perolari, is the only rider in the full WorldSSP grid (excluding ESS riders) to have three engines in use and have two left over for the remainder of the season, meaning he could be one to watch with ammunition in reserve.

The Puccetti Kawasaki Racing duo of Lucas Mahias and Hikari Okubo have both got two engines in use, whilst both have also had an engine unsealed, leaving them with two remaining for the remainder of the season. The ZX-6RR has proven in recent rounds that it is still a force to be reckoned with, so with two fresh engines, the machine may well be on the pace and shake up the championship order.

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