Five keys to warm up for Assen with Ronald Ten Kate

Thursday, 11 April 2019 14:35 GMT

There are plenty reasons to believe the Motul Dutch Round could be a classic

We’re already well into Round Four of the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship, and even though it may seem a bit chilly out in the Netherlands, the action on track and in the stands is already blazing hot. Someone very familiar with the warmth of the Assen crowds is Ronald Ten Kate, long-time boss of the acclaimed Dutch team (which will be back in the paddock very soon). Read below to find out what he thinks will be the keys to the action in Assen.


Assen, a real ‘rider’s track’

“Assen is a real ‘rider’s track’, as we can call it. It’s not just the horsepower of the machine which makes the difference here, it’s the opposite: the rider can make a huge difference. We have seen that in past races. There are good points to overtake and you can usually see good battles. For riders it’s one of the best tracks, but also for the crowd because the racing is always very close.”

It’s gonna get tight at the top

“I’m really expecting, and almost hoping as a fan that at Assen we’ll se a bit of a turnaround! With Assen’s layout, this could be the first track where Bautista has to fight hard with one of the boys, Jonny or Michael, who always brings something special to the table on his home track.”

The colder the tarmac, the bigger the challenge

“With track conditions the way they are, from the feeling from the tyres it’s going to be quite difficult to understand the limits of the bike, which will also make the racing closer because, again, nobody can get away. I hope the temperature does not drop below 4-5Cº, because then it could even be a little bit dangerous. I think it will be dry over the weekend, but very, very cold.”

But the fans (and home riders) are fired up

“A rider always loves it when there’s a crowd around, and especially for all the Dutch riders. They have a huge fanbase. Michael van der Mark is becoming a phenomenon in Holland, his fanbase is growing and growing and he always performs really well at Assen. Even if the weather is not so nice, I’m sure the spectators who come will get a warm feeling from how much effort the riders are going to give, and especially Michael.”

Fun all around the Cathedral

“With the fan zone, the people can get really close to the riders, all the interviews on stage… It makes World Superbike really unique in its kind. For sure people, don’t stay home: come over, grab an extra coat and enjoy WorldSBK, because this might be one of the best races you’ve ever seen.”

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