Throttle Bodies impact explained

Monday, 26 June 2017 08:12 GMT

Take a look at how throttle bodies are affecting MV Agusta

As of 2017, MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship teams are required to use standard throttle bodies on their bikes, making them the same as the ones on their road bikes. caught up with Paolo Piazza, MV Agusta’s technical director, who explains the affect the introduction of the standard throttle bodies has had on their 1000 F4 machines.

Throttle bodies, found in the engines, had previously been split by MV Agusta, Honda and Kawasaki and with the update to the rule, it means riders have to use all four cylinders for 2017. More power through the corners can create some issues, as teams work on preserving tyre life throughout the race. This update means there is now more focus on the way the electronics work on their WorldSBK machines, and teams are looking at ways to improve the tyre life.

 “The big difference is the feeling for the rider,” Piazza begins. “Because in the past when the rider opened the throttle in the slow corners he would only use two cylinders and have half the power, meaning it is very easy to play with the throttle. This also means he can save the tyre and keep the correct line.”

Explaining the issues caused this season, the Italian continues: “But this year it’s impossible to use this as we have to use the standard throttle body. MV use all four cylinders at the same time and it’s very difficult to play with the power. This creates a lot of work for the electronic system as it works at correcting this problem.”

There are two main problems, which Piazza points out: “The problems come from the feeling when you touch the throttle, when you open and when you want to save the tyre and have more grip”

“The second problem is when you open the throttle even a little big, you have a lot of power and spin so much that the tyre life drops very quickly. This then means you don’t have performance throughout the race. From this year the solution is all electronic, as you have to take the standard throttle body and play with the electronics on the bike.”